Welcome to DAMJam.org

The Danbury Area Acoustic Jam (DAMJam) meets once a week and plays music for about 3 hours
All levels of talent welcomed. We typically have from 15-25 jammers show up

The instrument of choice is Acoustic Guitar.

We do have a regular Bass player and others that fill in when needed. The bass is the only amplified guitar.

Singing is encouraged but only if you want to.

Percussion is typically handled with a Cajon and other smaller instruments

Flute, Fiddle & Banjo and are just some of the instruments that have participated.
(Electric Guitar is not recommended in order to help keep the volume down.)

The set list changes from week to week and is defined in advance. Just follow along the best you can. We are playing for our own enjoyment!

You can register with the link above to get latest jam lists and song sheets

>>>Here's a link to the many jams and songs we've covered<<<

You can get an idea from this video of how things look:


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Artwork by Peter Schachter for DAMJam 5th Anniversary